All About The Dizziness And Balance Disorders

Dizziness can be defined as. The symptoms of dizziness range from feeling unbalanced to feeling unstable or as if you're falling. The feeling of dizziness is not uncommon, and can cause you to feel dizzy, faint, and disoriented. or feel as if you are moving even though you are still. The vision could blur and you may experience an eerie spinning sensation or objects could appear to rotate in your direction (vertigo). 

A few people feel that their issues get worse shifting their body or head position. It is important to fully explain your symptoms to your doctor or audiologist. You can even call us now to get the best treatment for your dizziness.

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Here are some helpful tips to help you prepare for your Day of Your Assessment.

* Avoid eating too much. If the test is scheduled at a time that is not too early in the day and there are no other medical conditions that could be affected, try to not eat prior to the test. Bring snacks like crackers or a small snack in the event that the time it takes to wait to see a doctor is long.

* Ask if electronystagmography (ENG) testing is going to be completed. If it is, don't apply any lotions or makeup on your neck, head, or face. An excellent connection with your skin should remain in place throughout your test. Cosmetics and lotions can alter the relationship between the test pads to your skin.

* Inform your audiologist of any major health issues or neck or back problems you may have. Other health conditions can impact the way you're assessed.