Childrens Room Ideas For a Fresh Look

Whether you are a parent who's planning a new room for your little one, or are considering decorating your own, you've come to the right place. From colourful storage solutions to colourful wall murals, these childrens room ideas will give your child a fresh new look. They will love the look of their new room, and you can even add a Bunk bed! So, how do you start decorating? Keep reading to discover more.

Storage solutions

Kids love toys and clutter. Parents try to teach them about organization and neatness, but their efforts are in vain once they hit their fourth birthday. Children pick up our habits, so our efforts are often futile. They may have no interest in cleaning their room for years, but as they get older, these habits will change. Here are some storage solutions for children's rooms:

Colour blocking

Colour blocking isn't just for walls. You can use this style to add drama to a children's room. For example, a wide blue stripe on the ceiling descending onto the wall looks playful and dramatic. Another idea is to use zig-zag patterns on the ceiling and walls to add more drama to the room. Use wall stickers to further colour block areas of the room. Then, repeat the pattern on the other walls.

Wall murals

One way to give your children a personalized room is to use a wall mural. Professional artists can create beautiful hand-painted murals on a child's wall. Murals can quickly turn a plain room into a colorful masterpiece. A mural is also an affordable and smart way to decorate a child's room. And, if you don't have a lot of time to decorate the room, consider hiring a professional to do it for you.

Bunk beds

Choosing the right material for your bunk beds is an important part of your child's bedroom decor. Choose a color that goes well with the room's décor. If your child enjoys themes, try to make that theme the main focus of the room. Make sure the color of the bedding coordinates with the theme. You can also opt for bunk beds made of durable steel. You can easily move the beds around if your child grows too much!


There are many types of bookcases for children's rooms. Some are slim, while others are built high and have more storage space than you'll need. No matter what the style is, you can find bookcases to fit the needs of your little one. If you're looking for a slim, modern design, you can purchase a bookcase with a see-through front. These are perfect for holding bulky toys, like toys or books. Some bookcases even have multiple shelves for books.

Under-bed storage

If you're looking to add storage space to your children's bedroom, under-bed storage may be the solution. Most kids have this unused space under their beds, filled with random items that may not be useful in the long run. With a few smart ideas, you can make this space more functional. To maximize space, consider purchasing a bunk bed with storage drawers underneath the bunks. Some beds can stack two beds on top of one another for triple bunk beds. Many bunk beds feature drawers and/or stairs to give even more storage space.


The mezzanine in a children's room is the perfect place for a work area or separate living space. Its open design makes it a great place for children to play or relax while parents work in a quieter corner. Children who like to read or write can find some privacy on the mezzanine. If you have limited space, you can also use the mezzanine as a play area or an intimate corner.