Choose Women’s Tops According To Figure Type

Women's tops – one of the most extraordinary things mankind has ever invented. They are so versatile that you can meet a woman on top not only on the dance floor, but also on the street and in the office.

Tops go well with almost any outfit: jeans, skirts, pants, suits, etc. Now you can easily find the best women’s mid-length sleeve tops and other clothes to suit your needs online.

33 Different Types of Tops for Women (Great List) - ThreadCurve

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Hourglass Figure Type:- This type includes women with broad shoulders and hips and a prominent waist. One of the recommendations for owners of such a figure is – emphasize their luxurious chest and waist. It is better to give preference to a fitted model. You can also try a tight top, but it rarely fits this body type.

"Triangle" figure type:- Distinctive features: broad thighs and significantly narrower shoulders. The upper body should be visually enlarged for balance. This gets easier with every type of sleeve, crew neck and print on the top. Better narrow top.

Image type "inverted triangle":- Everything is exactly the opposite here. You need to visually enlarge the floor. With open ends, you can emphasize your shoulders and chest. Women with such a figure are only obliged to highlight important points on the chest when choosing clothes.