Creating a school within the school

International Primary School in Amsterdam is a unique and culturally enriching experience for students. The school offers a transcultural education, which helps students to develop an understanding of other cultures and to appreciate their own.

The school fosters a global perspective through its multilingual curriculum and international teaching staff. Students are exposed to a variety of cultures through class assignments, field trips, and guest speakers.

The International junior high school in Amsterdam is a great way for students to explore different cultures and learn more about themselves. 

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Expanding the Network of International Schools in Germany

With the rapid expansion of international schools, Germany is increasing its network of international schools. Currently there are six international schools in Berlin, one in Frankfurt, and two more in Dusseldorf.

A number of other German cities have also planned to establish international schools for the first time. Numerous reasons explain this increase:

The country’s history as a universal nation makes it an ideal location for an international school, as well as a gateway to Europe and the rest of the world; a surge in immigration has made it necessary to equip German schools with a wider perspective on teaching children from various cultures; and, finally, because of Germany’s successful education system , it is considered a good idea to send children abroad to fulfill their foreign language requirements.

Germany’s international schools are situated in the larger cities and have a virtual monopoly on attracting students from other parts of the world; they are also heavily subsidized by the state (some receive up to 70 percent of tuition costs covered). 

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