Difference Between Non-Iron Shirts And Regular Shirts

Non-iron shirts are typically dress shirts that button up and have a collar, and they are usually made from 100% cotton fibres. But, cotton is notoriously prone to wrinkling and needs to be ironed, so how can a shirt made with cotton fibres be non-iron?

The difference between non-iron shirts and regular shirts is that if they do wrinkle, the wrinkles can still be released without ironing. Sometimes, removing wrinkles from a non-iron shirt is as simple as smoothing the fabric with your hands or tossing it into the dryer for a few minutes. If you want to buy non-iron shirts, you can sign up to a good newsletter to hear about upcoming promotions and new arrivals.

non iron shirt

You may be wondering what the difference is between a non-iron shirt and a wrinkle-free shirt. They are usually made from cotton fabric, but the main difference is that while non-iron shirts are treated with chemicals to reduce wrinkles, wrinkle-free shirts are treated with chemicals that resist wrinkles.

They’ll both come out of the dryer looking crisp and without wrinkles, but non-iron shirts may still wrinkle as you wear them, while wrinkle-free shirts won’t. Essentially, a high-quality wrinkle-free shirt should look just as crisp after wearing it as it does when it comes out of the dryer.

Wrinkle-resistant treated fabrics tend to look and feel similar to untreated fabrics. The treatment is applied to the fabric during the finishing process, rather than the fully finished shirt, allowing for enhanced breathability and softness. Another factor in the breathability and softness is the fact that wrinkle-resistant fabrics are 100% cotton.

With non-iron shirts, the bonded cotton fibres are a double-edged sword. They allow for an unmatchable wrinkle-free finish, but also cause the fabric to be less breathable and a little less smooth to the touch. It’s important to us that we use high-quality fabrics for our non-iron shirts, so that non-iron shirts will wear much more comfortably than non-iron shirts from mass market retailers.