Fashion Designers: What Exactly They Do

Fashion designers are usually a group of designers, led by a skilled designer who is the lead. The most reputable firms in the fashion industry, like French Connection, Havaianas and Lipsy generally use more than one team of designers. The group of fashion designers occasionally collaborate to determine the colors of the clothes they plan to launch during the season. 

Sometimes, they take the data from different fashion forecasting companies to choose which colors to apply to items of a specific collection. Once they have decided on the color palette to choose that is known as "the "color story" then go forward and begin to design the designs based on the market they're trying to reach. You can also find the best Australian fashion designers via

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In designing fashions the fashion designer should be able to mix the basics with trendy products. The best way to achieve this balance will be dependent on the type of market that he designs for. For instance, if a style designer works for one of the major companies like Havaianas, French Connection, or Lipsy the designer will likely be working with a team that focuses on a specific segment of the market that the company caters to. 

Additionally, fashion designers are required to complete paperwork that will detail the entire procedure from beginning to ending to the final design.