Five guiding steps to hang wallpaper on walls


Creating a feature wall in your home with wallpaper is a great way to add texture, personality, and color to your home. Choose a feature wall in your home that has maximum impact when entering your room. Moreover, you can make the feature wall in your living room, dining area, and hallways. If you quickly installed the wallpaper in your home without any trouble, here are some instructions that help you hang your wallpaper.

Step 1. Smoothen your walls

First of all, your wall must be smooth, clean, and dry. You can clean your walls with sugar soap and yellow sponges, which helps to clean your wall perfectly. In addition, before placing the new wallpaper on the wall, remove the old one.

Step 2. Prepare paste for the wallpaper

Mostly, wallpapers have come with the self-adhesive; you need to remove the protective layer from the paper and install it on the wall. On the other side, some wallpaper do not come with the gum. You have to mix the glue well before applying them to the wallpaper, and it takes some time to mix properly.

Step 3. Mark and cut the wallpaper according to the measurements

It is the most challenging step when the wallpaper has repeat patterns and needs to match. To get the right pattern of the wallpaper, you have to start it with enough wallpaper. First, measure the wall and add 2 inches extra in the measurements for trimming. Mark the measurements on the wallpaper with the help of a pencil and cut it carefully using a knife and box cutter against a steel ruler and large spirit leveller. Once you get proper sized wallpaper, take another roll of the wallpaper, match the pattern, and cut it according to the size of the wall. Continue measuring, matching ad cutting the wallpaper until you have got all pieces of wallpaper for your home.

Step 4. Apply glue at the back of the wallpaper

Use a paint roller to apply the gum at the back of the wallpaper from top to bottom. After applying the paste, you have to fold the wallpaper in on itself and leave it for 30 minutes to absorb the paste into the wallpaper. Apply glue to each strip of the wallpaper and keep folding until it perfectly fits in a plastic bag. After, remove the air from the plastic bag and seal it to prevent the wallpaper from drying out. After you have waited for the requisite time, apply the paste on the border of the wall. Furthermore, the border of the wallpaper should be wide (3 to 4 inches).

Step 5. Install the wallpaper to the wall

Start applying wallpaper on the walls from top to bottom. Make sure you have left 2 inches extra at the top of the wallpaper. Smooth the wallpaper with your hands and a soft sponge against the wall. After installing the wallpaper, use a plastic lathe to remove the wallpaper’s air bubbles and excess paste. Mark the wall for hanging the wallpaper in a straight line.

In summing up

This article contains information regarding how to install wallpaper in your home easily. Here are 5 steps explained that help you in the installation project; by following them, you can give a fresh look to your home.