How Long Do Boat Lifts Last?

Regular maintenance is necessary to maintain your boat lift's optimal operating condition. A boat lift that is properly maintained can last for up to 25 years! If it is neglected, the boat lift may fail sooner and cause more damage.

Routine boat lift maintenance is less costly than repairs. Boat lifts require the same maintenance no matter what manufacturer they are made of.

How to prolong your boat lift life:

Block Bearing for Pipes

To ensure the motor's maximum performance, grease the motor biannually. Without the grease, friction will increase, and the motor may fail.


Make sure to inspect the bunks for worn patches and any broken or rotted wood. Brackets shouldn't have cracks or other signs of wear. Make sure that the hardware is in place and tighten it. Because they are frequently exposed to water, carpeted wooden bunks need to be changed regularly.


The pulleys should be greased biannually. If the friction between the sheaves of the mounts and the sheaves increases, it will make the mechanism noisier and seize. It is important to ensure that nuts and bolts are as tight as possible.

Elevator Lifts

For elevator lifts, check the wired zincs of boat lift. Zincs must be fully submerged in water. They should not be worn more than halfway.