How to Care For a Custom Suit

Unlike the costumes outside the stands, a bespoke suit has personal value to its owner. Designed and fitted as a unique piece of clothing, a personalized suit can be a fairly expensive investment that can pay off over the years, except for good care. You can also find the best handmade suits in Edmonton through the inetrnet.

Proper care of costumes is commonplace for most people. We know that if we leave them in the dry cleaner they'll be back ironed and ready to go, but there are a few more things to take care of than they seem at first glance.

Do not dry clean unless there are stains. Most people wear their coats to clean too often. Dry cleaning is not dry no matter what it's called. Dry cleaning is a mixture of many raw chemicals that break down the natural fibers of the suit. the more you take it, the faster this process will go.

Don't wear your suit on consecutive days. If you give your clothes time to "flow" the moisture inside can evaporate. This will allow the wrinkles to peel off and remove most of the odor.

Brush your coat regularly with a cloth brush. This makes the suit look clean and fresh. Regular brushing also prevents the wool from breaking, especially with finer waves like Super 150 and up.

While most bespoke clothing and standard clothing have the same care instructions, there are some differences. Just as you would use a good car for an oil change, you can also use custom settings for quick adjustments. Here, a tailor made suit manufacturer inspects all seams, changes seams and weld protection, threads all holes, etc. So a suit made to your size looks like new again. Serving your clothes is a great way to extend the life of your investment.