How To Choose The Right Crane For Your Project In Virginia

Virtually all construction projects require the lifting, hauling, or transportation of heavy materials ‘ which is why cranes play a gigantic role in the development of your project.

Choosing the right crane for the job definitely requires preparation and planning beforehand, but it is a very important process as it not only ensures your job site is safe for workers and the public, but can also help you eliminate costs and inefficiencies, project, budget, and schedule.

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3 factors to consider when choosing a faucet:

1. The duration of the work and the size and weight of the material to be lifted

Cranes have different specifications, capacities, and functions. Understanding what your project requires from each crane will help you select the equipment that best fits your project needs and will quickly narrow down your choices.

To fully understand the capabilities of the crane you are considering renting or purchasing, we recommend contacting your local Maxim crane specialist for assistance.

2. How is the equipment transported?

The question of how the equipment is transported can be ignored at first; however, this is a critical consideration.

In general, cranes can be classified as mobile, rough terrain/user, or tower, all with different modes of transportation. City and state legal permits are all factors when moving cranes and heavy equipment.

3. Site Condition

The nature and terrain of the job site also have to do with the type of crane you need to use. Understanding the weather conditions, space limitations, and soil conditions in your location will give you a good idea of what equipment will be effective in achieving your goals.