Methods to Assess Software Developer Skills

Code portfolios, live interviews, and coding assessment tests together provide a well-rounded software developer assessment.

Code Portfolios

Ask to see a software portfolio parked in GitHub or StackOverflow. Does the candidate write a regular blog about the industry or software engineering? Do they contribute to open-source projects? Find a way to learn more about the candidate’s development knowledge.

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The portfolio should showcase the candidate’s best work using the languages and software development skills necessary to succeed in your organization.

Live Interviews

Nothing gives you a better impression of a candidate than a live interview. Even if the candidate is well-rehearsed in answering typical interview questions, you have a chance to observe body language, communication skills, and, above all, passion for the profession.

Usually, a human resources professional pre-screens the candidate for the basic requirements to work in your company. They ask for work experience, personal traits, and preferred salary ranges. If the answers match your needs, the candidate is passed to you.

In an in-person or live technical interview, it's your job to learn about the candidate's technical knowledge and the extent of experience they have with various tools and processes used in your company. Don’t just depend on your impressions.

Train team members in interviewing and ask them to sit in on the session. Companies that use a team interview environment tend to have better interview experiences and hiring outcomes.