Selecting the right decor idea for your living space


It is mainly based on your lifestyle as the interior design of your living room would take up the space into consideration. We subconsciously communicate what we love and what we appreciate through our belongings in our homes. It is quite true when it comes to the accessories that you are selecting. Souvenirs, heirlooms, wall art, and photographs are a few of the items for decor used for sharing untold stories and memories and to make the design of the space more interesting.

The following are the five kinds of accessories we would deem as must-haves in your living space:

Wall Art + Photographs

Wall art is a charming addition to your living room, even in the most lightly accessorized homes. The arrangement is often based on personal style as the wall art can be used for creating a number of focal points in your home. An equidistant layout gives the artwork an equal amount of space between their borders, being one of the most common layouts for the wall decor. Carefully arrange items in a random fashion to create an eclectic art wall as you can be unique here.


It is also quite fun to bring the souvenirs into your living room decor while the process to obtain them is the best part here. You can curate an attractive display that is composed of nostalgic possession by following a set of color palettes and experimenting with different heights and widths of the paired accessories.


Vases work well as their own accessory or with florals when used alone as accent decor or in multi-dimensional pairs for balance. A coffee table is a natural area for the vases to call home, as pictured. Vases can be specifically placed anywhere as they would not be interrupting a view or creating clutter or can be broken easily. A transparent display box or a curio cabinet is a friendly and charming way for storing safely and displaying the fragile vase in the case where a vase is a valuable heirloom.


You can breathe in a new life in your room with the addition of houseplants or floral arrangements. Plants can even actually aid in achieving a completely modern design depending on the type, size, and planter or the vase that you select. The big floppy leaves offer the right kind of balance to what might otherwise feel like a stark arrangement of furniture, along with the delicate fronds of ferns having a softening effect. Greeneries like the succulents and cacti can offer low maintenance structures in their space conversely.


Vanity is not about what the mirrors are being used for. The sense of space can enhance a room, offering it an invigorating feel. Over the fireplaces, behind sofas, and even standing against the wall, mirrors can go well over the fireplaces.

Pulling It All Together

Start with what you already own. Placing every piece where you feel it belongs is the favorite accessorizing tip we can share here. Start with the most common accessories like wall art and mirrors if you are starting out fresh.