Software Product Development in Canada

In recent years, software product-line engineering has gained unprecedented growth. There are organizations that apply the same methodology with great success for expansion of their software portfolios, increase their returns, improve the quality of the software and shorten their time to market.

The term "software product-line development" can be defined as the engineering methods, techniques, and tools to create a collection of software systems from a "shared set of software assets and using a common platform for production."

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Product Development - An Overview: From Idea To Product Cleverism

The Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute connotes the term as a set of intensive systems that share common attributes that satisfy the need of particular segments of the market. Product Development Companies develop the software system from a common set of core assets in a prearranged way.

Most software manufacturers create applications with certain common attributes or components. Either they have the same architecture or platform, or some support the same industrial sector.

These common factors need to be managed efficaciously so that the organization can accomplish the highest economy of scale. Basically designed to manage these products, the common features were devised to maximize the benefits to the organization. These attributes are then integrated within the core assets that are reusable and can be any one of the following:

  • A framework
  • A library
  • A component
  • A tool execution platform