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What Are Some Good Arcade Games Benefits?

Arcade games are complex, challenging and ambitious. They have advanced a lot since their humble beginnings in the 1970s. There is increasing evidence that play has many benefits beyond entertainment and better hand-eye coordination.

Arcade games can make kids more active

Some games encourage whole-body interaction like the famous arcade skee ball machine. Others require a handheld controller. Children can practice the same skills outdoors by playing sports games such as basketball, tennis, and skateboarding.

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Arcade games might help ease pain

It is common to focus on something else or to distract from pain. But that's not why games can be a great post-injury treatment. Arcade games can produce an analgesic response (pain-killing) in our higher cortical system. Virtual reality systems are in development and could soon be as common in hospitals as hand sanitizer.

Arcade games can enhance your social connections.

Gamers are often criticized for being too isolated, but this is not true. Studies show that games can be a catalyst for friends to get together in person. Approximately 70% of players play with their friends at least once a week.

Arcade games can reduce stress

Some games can cause stress, especially when your character is being beaten down for the third time. However, it's possible to do the opposite. One major study that followed players for six months and measured their heart rate revealed that certain games reduced adrenaline by more than 50%.