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How To Take Care of Your Area Rugs in Oshawa

Experts in the rug industry recommend good professional cleaning every 1-4 years, depending on how much dust is obtained by your carpet. If you have a carpet in an area that is very widely used, you clearly need to be cleaned more often than not. A quick way to find out whether your rug is ready for cleaning professionals is by rubbing back and forth on it using a clean white towel.

One way to extend the need for professional cleaning is to do your own routine maintenance. Caring for your area rug well will not only be clean, but it will also maximize its age. Vacuuming can really help keep your area carpet clean. You can hire the best area rug cleaning services to clean your expensive area rugs via prestigecarpetcleaning.ca/carpet-cleaning-oshawa/.

Do this at least once a week and more if you have carpet absorve more dust. An easy tip that can help in your suction effort is to reverse your carpet for 3-6 months and prevent it back.

Should the spill happen, the first step is to extract. If you have a VAC wet/dry then this is where your work becomes a little easier. If not, then use a clean dry towel to absorb as much as possible from the fluid that spills by pressing the towel down on the spill. You can also place a heavy book or something weighs on a towel to speed up the extraction process.

After extraction is done then you can apply your remover where you go to the area and blot with a clean towel. Don’t rub it. Rubbing not only just push the ingredients further into your carpet, but it can also cause damage.

Hide the area, rinse with clean water, then extract again. Use only a little cleaner at a time and repeat this process until the spill is cleaned. After the area has been taken care of to give it one rinse and last extraction. This will help prevent residue to build.