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Understanding Traditional and Self-Publishing Differences

The traditional publishing route is currently in turmoil and upheaval. Many small publishers have had to close their doors, or at the very least, reduce their new release budgets, due to the economic downturn. The Kindle, Nook, and other eBook readers have sparked a lot of interest. Publishers of all sizes are now more careful about new authors and prefer to invest in established authors.

Publishers no longer invest marketing dollars to support authors' platforms. Traditional publishing is becoming more of a partnership between author/publisher. Authors are responsible for publicity and marketing. Read more to learn how affordable self-publishing options are a game-changer for unknown authors today. 

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Self-publishing is not to be confused with Vanity Publishing, where authors are charged outrageous prices for editing and design, printing, marketing, and/or other services. They also have to give up 80% of their profit and/or the rights to their material.

True self-publishing means that the author does all the editing, design, printing, and distribution of their book. They also hire professionals to help with this process. This allows them to have maximum control over the process, maximize profitability, and speed to market.

Since the beginning of time, self-publishing has been a viable option. Editing, design, and printing a book used to cost $15,000 or more due to minimum print runs of 5K. The cost of self-publishing has dropped significantly with the advent of print-on-demand and distribution channels. Publishing a Kindle edition of your book does not require any investment.