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Contact Reflex Analysis – Determine Your Body’s Nutritional Needs

Contact reflex analysis (CRA) is a natural, non-invasive method for determining what types of nutrition your body needs; your practitioner might use CRA in response to a specific illness, to restore overall balance in your body, or to strengthen an inherent weakness.

The doctor will touch a specific acupuncture point with one hand, then test the patient's extended arm for an "active" reflex with the other.  An active reaction indicates that there is some deficiency in this system. CRA may remind you of applied kinesiology or meridian kinesiology — in fact, all three of these methods have a lot in common.

They all rely on listening closely to what the body is telling the physician through simple physical tests, and they also utilize the time-tested acupuncture point system.

The main difference is that CRA is specifically focused on nutrition, and how nutrition can correct an imbalance in the meridians. Once the CRA practitioner conducts his analysis, he will recommend either nutritional supplements and/or a change in diet to bring your body back to optimal health.

In CRA, designed clinical nutrition is used to correct the cause of the problem so the body has the ability to correct itself. Nutritional imbalance if often a root cause for issues going on inside the body, and this technique is designed to help the body repair itself.