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6 amazing home decor accessories to place in your living room


Your living room is a fun room for your friend circle if you are a social bird and love to entertain at home. You can store it rustic or chic, depending on your style. You may even pump it up with a few bold and loud accessories if it has a neutral background. You may follow a single color palette and keep it calm and serene with the right use of the living room accessories along with the decor items when your living room is small. The interior of your home is like an art where you would be visualizing the main image and also locating the product that matches your image.

It is all about the addition of the finishing touches to your sitting, lounging, or any other space that you consider to relax as well as entertain in terms of your living room decor. There are various ways and kinds of accessories that can easily uplift the interior of your home.

Today, we have curated a list of products that can be found over a massive range of selections that can be procured from the thrift shop to that of the luxe store.

    • Add Greens – Real or Fake Plants

There are indoor plants that are one of the greatest additions to any of your homes. To have around in the house, anything with life is good. They can help in purifying the air in the room, as they are soothing to the eyes and can be used for consumption too. You need not have to pick the green since you might be selecting something orange or yellow along with any other color.

It has endless options. You may even resort to the fake plants if you are the one who has been known to kill a cactus. There are various options present in the market that looks almost as good as real here. You may have a few things that should be considered while selecting the plant. Size, purpose, position, and color are the things that are included here.

    • Rug or Rugs

Without a rug, the decor of your living room is not complete. These are the rugs that can create a point of focus in your living room for segregating the section within the room or even adding a layer to the interiors of your home. There are various rugs that are available in the market today. You can easily find them both in-stores and online. It is recommended enough in terms of picking a rug that is considered according to the weather and size of the room.

There are several ways in which you can spread a rug in your living room. Social media and other online sources are where you can find a lot of inspiration. The addition of glamour to an otherwise neutral-themed room is what a bright rug can be used for. For the rest of the home interiors, a neutral rug can be used.

  • Make it Personal 

In their home interiors, everyone wishes a little bit of themselves. You can create an art wall or photos or pictures of a quote that you like. Everything goes well with your personality and is loved by you for anything that screams your name, resonating with your thoughts. Several people like to display and frame their artwork. There are several options here. Simply select the most doable way to showcase your personality in your living room as you browse through Instagram.

    • Coffee Table

The coffee table is a functional one as it is not just an aesthetic accessory in your living room decor. Whatever goes with the rest of your home interiors, you can easily add a glass coffee table or a wooden coffee table. There are various ranges of coffee tables that are available in the market, and it can be a daunting task here. It is, therefore, best to create a list of expectations while setting a budget for this coffee table. You can even add the size of the coffee table with the number of people who visit your place for the weekend get-together.

    • Throw Blanket and Cushions

The other most impressive addition to beautify your living room is the cushions and throw blankets. You need to select the material according to the weather of your place. You may or may not be selected to make use of these cushions as it depends on the size of the sofa. The throw blankets are considered the best investment as they arrive in exceptional quality here.

Selecting the right decor idea for your living space


It is mainly based on your lifestyle as the interior design of your living room would take up the space into consideration. We subconsciously communicate what we love and what we appreciate through our belongings in our homes. It is quite true when it comes to the accessories that you are selecting. Souvenirs, heirlooms, wall art, and photographs are a few of the items for decor used for sharing untold stories and memories and to make the design of the space more interesting.

The following are the five kinds of accessories we would deem as must-haves in your living space:

Wall Art + Photographs

Wall art is a charming addition to your living room, even in the most lightly accessorized homes. The arrangement is often based on personal style as the wall art can be used for creating a number of focal points in your home. An equidistant layout gives the artwork an equal amount of space between their borders, being one of the most common layouts for the wall decor. Carefully arrange items in a random fashion to create an eclectic art wall as you can be unique here.


It is also quite fun to bring the souvenirs into your living room decor while the process to obtain them is the best part here. You can curate an attractive display that is composed of nostalgic possession by following a set of color palettes and experimenting with different heights and widths of the paired accessories.


Vases work well as their own accessory or with florals when used alone as accent decor or in multi-dimensional pairs for balance. A coffee table is a natural area for the vases to call home, as pictured. Vases can be specifically placed anywhere as they would not be interrupting a view or creating clutter or can be broken easily. A transparent display box or a curio cabinet is a friendly and charming way for storing safely and displaying the fragile vase in the case where a vase is a valuable heirloom.


You can breathe in a new life in your room with the addition of houseplants or floral arrangements. Plants can even actually aid in achieving a completely modern design depending on the type, size, and planter or the vase that you select. The big floppy leaves offer the right kind of balance to what might otherwise feel like a stark arrangement of furniture, along with the delicate fronds of ferns having a softening effect. Greeneries like the succulents and cacti can offer low maintenance structures in their space conversely.


Vanity is not about what the mirrors are being used for. The sense of space can enhance a room, offering it an invigorating feel. Over the fireplaces, behind sofas, and even standing against the wall, mirrors can go well over the fireplaces.

Pulling It All Together

Start with what you already own. Placing every piece where you feel it belongs is the favorite accessorizing tip we can share here. Start with the most common accessories like wall art and mirrors if you are starting out fresh.