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How To Replace A Missing Tooth With A Partial Tooth Implant

If you're considering a partial tooth implant for replacement, or if you want to learn more about this type of procedure, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll provide all the information you need, from how long it takes to recover from the surgery to how much it costs. Simultaneous to all these queries it is also essential to find a professional experienced dentist for yourself! To find one you can browse this website https://new-smile-today.com/implant-options/ that can provide you best surgeons.

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What is a Partial Tooth Implant?

A partial tooth implant is a dental implant that is installed into only one side of a missing tooth. Partial tooth implants are most commonly used to replace teeth that have been lost in an accident or due to decay. Partial tooth implants are also sometimes used to replace teeth that are too damaged to be restored with a regular dental implant.

Here are just some of the benefits of Partial Tooth Implants:

– A Partial Tooth implant is less invasive than a Full Tooth implant.

– You can have a Partial Tooth implant in just one day compared to several days for a Full Tooth implant.

– You can have a Partial Tooth implant without having to remove any teeth.

– A Partial Tooth implant provides the same level of dental support as a Full Tooth implant.

– A Partial Tooth implant is more affordable than a Full Tooth implant.


If you are missing a tooth, it can be quite an inconvenience. Thankfully, there are many ways to replace a missing tooth with a partial tooth implant. Depending on the type of implant and your dental insurance coverage, you may be able to have the surgery done right at your dentist’s office or you may need to travel to another location for the procedure. In either case, make sure to discuss all of your options with your doctor or dentist so that you can choose the best option for you.

All About Dental Implants And How Do They Work?

Dental implants' durability and success is dependent on their ability to make direct contact with the jaw bone. This is called osseointegration. It ensures that prostheses placed over implants remain stable and secure, thus restoring the optimal function of the artificial tooth.

Who should get an implant?

Implant candidates are generally people who have one or more missing teeth. Find an exceptional implant dentistry for this treatment.

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If you are:

  • You are looking for a durable and long-lasting replacement for your natural teeth.
  • You would like to improve your facial appearance by having your missing teeth removed.
  • You want to be able to eat and talk without difficulty.
  • You are ready to remove your uncomfortable and inconvenient dentures.

Why are Implants better than other dental prosthetics?

As the most durable and convenient option for replacing missing teeth, dental implants are becoming increasingly popular. Let's take a look at why dental implants might be better than other options for tooth replacement, like bridges and dentures.

* Have a beautiful smile – A missing tooth can cause serious damage to your smile and facial aesthetics. A beautiful, natural-looking dental prosthesis can be used to replace the implants. This will restore your smile and charm.

* Durability – Dental implants are made to last, unlike dentures or dental bridges. You can expect the implant to last a lifetime if you take good care of your teeth and follow the instructions of your dentist regarding how to care for them.

* Minimum Requirement for Tooth preparation – Even for the replacement of one tooth, fabrication of teeth bridges requires the reduction of adjacent teeth. Implant placement does not require the removal or preparation of adjacent teeth. This preserves the natural tooth structure.