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How to Tell If You Have Hemorrhoid or Anal Fissure?

Hemorrhoids can be a common medical condition. They can cause bleeding and pain when there is a bowel movement. Hemorrhoids may not cause all bleeding or rectal pain. 

Another condition can also cause similar symptoms. An anal fissure is another condition that can cause the same symptoms. You need to identify the condition so you can properly treat it and get the relief you require.

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Hemorrhoid occurs when there is swelling within or around the rectal opening. An anal fissure is a tear in the lining or anus of the rectum. Anal fissures can have some of the same symptoms that hemorrhoids, but they can also be more painful. 

A fissure can be stretched during a bowel motion and you might feel bloody streaks or sharp pain in the fissure. A fissure can heal itself on its own in about ninety percent of cases. Anal fissure healing may not require the same lifestyle changes as healing hemorrhoids. 

To prevent straining, you can soften your stool by drinking lots of water, increasing fiber intake, and changing your diet to include more whole grains and fruits. This will prevent you from straining during a bowel movement. You may also find that you are able to recover quickly.

Anal fissures can also cause hemorrhoids. They can also cause bleeding and pain. Itching, pressure, or heaviness around the rectal area can also be symptoms. To reduce pain and discomfort, you might try the above-mentioned methods.