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Liability Insurance – What You Should Know

Liability insurance is no longer the insurance you may need. We must have this with our vehicle insurance, it is called liability insurance and is usually included in your vehicle registration. If your state's transportation license doesn't include it, you'll need to include it in your regular auto insurance.

You may find that your home insurance has a general liability coverage in Ontario and you need to think about how much you are covered. Today you may find yourself in a situation where someone has broken into your property and was injured in some way and you are ready for substantial compensation. So check all your insurance policies.

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Anyone who engages in commercial activities, runs a business, manufactures or manufactures products, is a freelancer, is an employer or offers work of any kind, requires liability insurance. If you engage in any of these types of activities, you must insure yourself if your activities cause harm or loss to anyone. If you have liability insurance, money is available to compensate for property that is injured or damaged.

There is an increase in litigation over incidental fees offered by attorneys, and it's not uncommon for people to come together to file a class-action lawsuit.

Most organizations already have liability insurance although insurance is mandatory; this can carry a solid premium, but it is necessary. This includes items such as community members, site visitors, performers, contractors, subcontractors, etc. who may be physically injured or have their property damaged while being owned by that organization.