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Information About Marble Countertops

A warm and soft stone, marble is beautiful and luxurious. Hard and durable, marble offers a sophisticated range of colors and veining patterns to create unique designs. Like other natural stones, marble can be an expensive option. It is often used in certain areas of the room rather than on all surfaces. Marble archives are water and heat-resistant but require regular maintenance.

Marble is a metamorphic rock formed from the metamorphosis of carbonate or dolomite sedimentary rocks or limestone. This process causes a complete recrystallization of the actual rock. Marble comes in various colors such as white, gray, pink, green, black, and brown. It is a natural decorative material characterized by a vein-like pattern.

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Difference between marble and granite

Although both natural stones, marble, and granite have many different qualities that should be considered when it comes to countertop surfaces. Granite's density and hardness help make it resistant to scratches, acids, stains and heat. Marble's density makes it more vulnerable to such damage but allows more detailed designs to be carved into the stone.

Because of marble's weaker build, it is often used for more delicate items such as vases and fireplace mantels, or designs in bathrooms. Marble is better when used in low-traffic areas because it is softer and more porous than granite. The beauty of marble can still be enjoyed despite its sensitivities; it just requires a little extra delicacy.

While granite is used for entire rooms, marble is usually not but can be easily incorporated into a room. Advancements are being made available to protect marble surfaces, such as new treatments to eliminate cracking in marble that was not around in the past. New sealers can better protect marble as well.