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Monoclonal Antibodies – For the Treatment of Various Diseases

Monoclonal antibodies are widely used to treat various types of cancer. You are primarily concerned with immunotherapy. A clinical study was carried out with various monoclonal antibodies and other related proteins.

Many of these antibodies are approved for diseases such as inflammation and cancer. Many studies have been carried out to make monoclonal antibodies that can treat various diseases. You can get expert design for high-affinity custom mouse monoclonal antibodies services in Pleasanton, CA.

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Some infections that can be treated by these antibodies include:

• Different types of cancer

• Rheumatoid arthritis

• Tumors

• Multiple sclerosis

• Lymphoma

What are Antibody Screening and Phage Display?

Antibody screening is a technique used to identify prolific cell lines. This will help minimize the costs of downstream processing steps. Early identification of productive cell lines will increase the success of the expansion of activities.

The phage display screening method is mainly used to identify high-affinity antibodies or peptides. Here are some of the main uses of the phage display:

• Used to screen for protein interactions

• Help analyze the mechanism or function of a protein

• One of the most important techniques in protein engineering.

• Applied as a tool in medicine or drug research

• Assists in the determination of tumor antigens

Antibody function

Our immune system is capable of producing certain antibodies. These antibodies are connected to various substances called antigens and destroy them. When our body is exposed to germs or infections, it removes the infection by producing antibodies.

Antibodies are considered natural protecting substances. They are generally made by the B cells of the immune system. They help recognize distant antibodies and then stimulate an immune response against them. Antigen-presenting cells are involved in the adaptive immune response.

Monoclonal antibodies can be used in various forms of therapy. They are used to block definite cellular receptors and also put an end to malignant tumor cells. There are also variations in treatment methods.