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Advantages to Buying a New Home in Pennsylvania

Many buyers who decide to build or buy a home are also open to looking at resale properties. There are many advantages of purchasing resale homes. These include the opportunity to be part of an established community with grown trees and homes with old charm.

We believe there are many disadvantages to buying a resale home. (Oh, we'll just replace the windows. And, what about that horrible smell in the dishwasher?!) The disadvantages far outweigh any benefits and we believe that buying a new house is a better choice. (I know, a new home builder alleging such – shocking right)?! But hear us out…

The top 3 benefits of buying new homes for sale in PA

1. Modernization

2. Warranty Service

3. Making It Yours


Modern homes are built using the latest trends in materials and technology. In terms of design trends, wasted space like family rooms and foyers are out. Smartly designed spaces that maximize every square foot are the new norm. These designs include spaces such as walk-in closets and storage spaces.

Because you never know how much storage space you really need until you don’t have it! Lofts are designed to be used as guest rooms or home offices. They also have versatile kitchens (designed to be a "home base", a space that can be used by mom/dad to cook while the kids do homework and yet elegant enough to host guests.


A new home purchase comes with the assurance that, in the event of a malfunction or need for some minor tweaking, there is a one-year warranty. If there is a problem with a resale home, you can fix it and pay for it.


You can personalize your home by making interior choices. You can personalize your home to reflect your style. You can buy a resale house and remodel it, but the cost is usually high. It costs money to remove old carpets, countertops, and cabinets, as well as hardwood floors. It's like buying a home from scratch.

You can paint your own picture and make it reflect your lifestyle. You'll also have the benefit of a consultant from a design studio to help you make your decisions.