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Does Your Interview Process Sabotage Your Ability To Hire?

It's more competitive than ever to attractinterview and hire top talent. Could your current interviewing process be sabotaging your ability to attract and hire the best talent?

Technology has made interviewing and hiring an ever-evolving process. As the job market changes, you need to review and change your interview process to remain competitive and to hire the best programmers.

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The one thing that never changes is the need for you to interview and hire the best possible talent for your company.

Job seekers are more connected than at any other time in history. This adds a new challenge to the competition you face when interviewing top talent.

Even if candidates are not in an active job search, sites like LinkedIn, provide them with great exposure to recruiters, as well as access to other new job opportunities.

If you want to interview and hire the best talent, it may be time to make changes in your interview process.

Why should you attend?

Your goal is to hire the best people you possibly can. That means your interview process should be the best it possibly can. The stakes in today's competitive job market r simply too high to do otherwise.

Your interviews are the foundation for hiring employees who will be engaged, retained and most importantly help your company attain goals and objectives.

By attending, you will understand how to even more effectively:

  • Create an interview process
  • Prepare more effectively
  • Involve the right people
  • Prevent interview bias and fatigue
  • Reveal candidate priorities
  • Identify who the best candidates really are
  • Allow candidates a chance to weed themselves out
  • Tailor job offers