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Improving Building Air Conditioning With Software Simulations

Software solutions for building services like designing ducts for air conditioning as well as pressure drop calculation for ducts help you manage the entire process of service for effective delivery of building services. You can visit https://www.simulacionesyproyectos.com to know more about software for thermal

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There was a time when only HVAC professionals were interested in using software to accomplish and speed up their tasks. 

However, now professional groups of architects, building managers, and energy auditors are also increasingly using such software as they are not only concerned about the peak loads to optimize the design, they are also interested in knowing the load contributions by various building elements such as the roof, windows or walls.

Energy auditors also use software to assess energy use in an existing building. They can get a detailed breakdown of air conditioning loads on an hourly and monthly basis. 

This way, energy auditors can calculate the energy consumption based on the part load characteristics of the equipment to meet their objective of efficient energy use and operational air conditioning systems.

Simulation for different weather conditions

The building air conditioning software will allow you to investigate the energy consumption of the entire air conditioning system in a building through simulation of different weather conditions as well as geographical orientation. The software can be used to develop economical HVAC systems for buildings for higher-level occupants' comfort.