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Signs That Shows You Are Starseed

Starseeds are akin to mercenary wisdom warriors. They're originally from other stars, they've arrived on Earth to create a new consciousness. They're spiritual overachievers and totally anti-conventional living that is low vibrational.

You could be a Starseed:

  • You're purposeful. It's possible to call it an "existential kink." It's the soul's desire to complete the purpose of some kind. It's not time to be pondering questions such as, "What's the meaning of life?" You're finding clarity through the act of doing. You can also search online about the various starseed signs.

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  • You're painfully sympathetic. You might have attempted to close your heart to the suffering of others. Perhaps you are feeling weak and feel like you're giving in to your spongy Anahata chakra zone. In any situation, you're prone to suffering and trying to control the way it affects you.

  • You're hyper-perceptive. Your awareness expands to cover the area you're located in, as well as all others around you. You are aware of what other people are talking about even when you're not in the vicinity.

  • It is possible that you possess a photographic memory or the ability to perceive finely-detailed imagined objects and people, and have a VERY rapid learning curve.

You can also search online about Starseed signs and how you’ll know that you’re a Starseed.