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Logistics And Metrics In Clinical Supply Chain Logistics

There are many ways to compare the effectiveness of clinical supply chain logistics. Some methods are more efficient than others, but they all have their limitations.

It is interesting to measure investigational medicinal product overage (IMP). At first glance, a supply chain that allows for little drug waste seems efficient. In some cases, this can be a useful point of comparison. You can also hire professionals for supply chain logistics at https://eliteops.com/.

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With all clinical supply metrics, there are other factors to consider. Stock shortages at clinical sites could lead to multiple courier shipments to investigator sites. This can increase the study's courier cost and make it more expensive. 

The budget for couriers

Consider how many studies have the same number of sites located in the same country? Temperature-sensitive products are more expensive to ship because of the extra volumetric weight that comes with temperature-controlled and cold chain shipping systems. It is unlikely that an uncommon condition, with a small patient population and spread across many investigator sites, will require the same courier fees as a more common indication. 

Take a look at the patients in the study

Were there any subjects who had difficulty obtaining medication and withdrew from the trial? This isn't a straightforward metric. It is common for comparator products not to be available during a study. This may not necessarily mean that the clinical supply chain is failing, but it could be due to the supply chain failure of the comparator. In most cases, this is outside the control of study sponsors.