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Telegram: Why do you need it?

Telegram, a cloud-based instant message (IM) service, allows users to send media (pics and videos) as well as make calls using voice or video.

1. Channels

Channels can accommodate as many members as you like. The creator of the channel decides who can post and who has access. You can also find various telegram films download channels.

Image Source: Google

2. Bots

It is part of a program that uses AI and machine learning at low scales. It can perform many tasks. An image bot, for example, could locate images based upon the name.

There are many kinds of bots. Image bot stickers bot and gif bot are the most popular.

3. Unlimited server storage

Telegram offers unlimited storage. This means that all text messages, files, and documents can be saved in the Telegram online cloud. You can sign in and leave any time from any device simultaneously without losing any data.

4. Media compression

You have the option to choose whether you want to reduce the image size or send an uncompressed file.

5. The Group members' capacity

Telegram groups can have a maximum of 200 members starting in February 2021. WhatsApp has a maximum of 256 members.

6. Username feature

Telegram allows you to talk to anyone, even if they don't have your contact information. You can communicate with groups even if you don't have their contact information.