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Treat BPH With Urological Surgery

Surgery may be required for certain urological problems in cases where medications are not able to resolve the issue. If you're diagnosed with prostate expansion (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia BPH) or a type of cancer of the urology it is important to seek advice from an experienced men’s Health Specialists in Toowoomba

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If surgery is necessary then you must discuss the procedure with your surgeon and the outcomes after treatment, before hospitalization.

There are a variety of surgical procedures to treat different urinary conditions, such as cancer. For example, Cystoscopy is a widely performed procedure to perform bladder biopsies. 

The Greenlight Laser Photoselective vaporization (PVP) of the Prostate (PVP) is a treatment for BPH, Photodynamic "Blue Light" Cystoscopy for bladder cancer; Radical Nephrectomy for kidney cancer, Radical Cystectomy for muscle high-risk or invasive bladder cancer that is not invasive.

Radical Prostatectomy to treat prostate cancer Radical orchidectomy to treat cancer of the testis, as well as the TransUrethral Resection (shaving) for the Bladder Tumour (TURBT) as well as the internal part of the prostate gland (Transurethral Resection of Prostate, the TURP.

Your recovery following surgery will depend on the type of procedure you underwent. The consultant urological surgeon could prescribe antibiotics following the surgery to help prevent infections. It is vital to ensure your health after surgery. The patient must follow his doctor's guidelines during the initial few weeks and months following the procedure to ensure the best recovery.