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Candle for weddings favors

Many couples favor candles for their wedding favors. This may be because they have a wide range of options when it comes to the shape, size, scent, and color that they can choose from. It also allows them to personalize their wedding candle favors to reflect their feelings and personalities.

Considerations when you give candle favors:

Personalization Options While most favors don't come with personalized options, you can still find some great personalized options by doing some research. You can also get a Personalised Bridal Proposal Candle or Will You Be My Bridesmaid Gift via Miss Poppy Design Pty Ltd.

You can choose from favors with a monogram or favors that let you write a short message. You can even choose images (wedding doves or a religious symbol, for example) Personalization can be done on the container of the candle (travel tin or votive) and not on the candle.

Fun or Elegant: This all depends on the couple's personality. Some people prefer an elegant look, while others like to make their guests smile (think martini glasses shaped candles or golf ball-shaped, candles).

Color and scent: Some couples choose to have a wedding favor that matches their wedding colors. Votive candles are available in many colors. The votives can be purchased in either a plain container or a container. A nice touch is hand-poured votives in a glass (reusable).

Like color, scent can make your favor unique. Unscented is also possible.

Your wedding favor should reflect your style. Candle favors are a great way to achieve this.