The Unique Properties of Title Insurance in NJ

This coverage is bought to ensure that the property has a clear title as of the date the policy was issued. If liens or other encumbrances later are found to have an effect on the title, and they were not prior to the policy date, the title company in NJ will pay the costs of the repair up to a certain limit. 

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These are just a few details about the coverage.

Title insurance in NJ is a direct benefit to the market because it guarantees title to both the purchaser and other parties to the transaction. It provides clear title assurance that is more comprehensive than any other method.

There are many important features to consider when determining profitability, pricing, or reserving title insurance. Title insurance in NJ is different from traditional property-casualty and this can have an impact on the calculations that actuaries make. These are the key differences:

The policy's coverage period – Title coverage covers events that have occurred already, while traditional insurance policies cover future events. Title insurance policies are not subject to expiration until the property is resold, refinanced, and most property-casualty coverages have an established loss period.

High expenses are high relative to the losses. Title insurance policies in NJ require extensive research before premiums can be collected. However, high-quality research and data collection can significantly lower losses because hidden defects can be discovered and fixed before the policy is sold.