Which Is The Best Swimming Pool Enclosure – Tracked Or Trackless?

There are currently two primary kinds of low-profile pool enclosures available including the first tracked enclosures and, trackless enclosures.

The best option is not an easy decision so here are the main differences to consider. In order to make the comparison a bit more comprehensible, we compared two models from the specialist in pool enclosures

The two models we compared are the trackless K1000 as well as the KT1000 which are trackless. Both are available in the pool enclosures.

The comparison of products is built on the following key factors: User-friendly Performance of the product, Aesthetics Design and construction Flexibleness, Price, and Design.

User-friendliness. Whilst both enclosure styles are relatively easy to use however, the Tracked enclosure has the advantage in terms of how simple the enclosure can be opened and closed. The tracked enclosure needs only 1 person in order to open or shut the enclosure, while the trackless enclosure is best suited to two persons. This will ensure that the enclosure is not misaligned due to being pushed from only one side.

Performance of the product. In terms of performance, both enclosures are in line. Both offer excellent insulation because they're both low-profile. This design element also aids in terms of user-friendliness and the maintenance of products.

aesthetics. There are two aspects to the overall appearance of the items. The first is the material that they are constructed with as well as how obtrusive or high-end they are as constructions. If aesthetics are a top priority, Trackless enclosures usually win on this front. 

The design and the construction. Both these enclosure styles have strong construction, but the Tracked enclosures need only the framework to be lighter.